Bear Grylls Adventure Camp


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Report from Chris Marchant.

As many of you know, 1st Great Sutton Scout Troop spent Sunday 12th May at the Beaver Day as part of the Bear Grylls weekend, supported by Paul and Robyn from the District Active Support unit.We met at the HQ at 7:30 am and travelled up to the Heath Business Park in Runcorn. We set up an obstacle course based on the song we’re going on a Bear Hunt.

The obstacles were a mountain to climb, a river to walk through, a deforested forest to balance across, Marks and Spencer to fight through the clothes and a Bear Cave, where some lucky Beavers got to shake hands with our very own ‘Bear Grylls’.

We were just about set up when Bear Grylls helicopter came roaring overhead.

We went and joined the Beavers from across the County to meet Bear, and several of the Scouts got their neckers signed by him.

Then it was back to the activity base.

Over the next 4 hours we ran the base with hundreds of Beavers coming through, despite the weather getting progressively worse.

The Troop did a fantastic job all day and were praised by Leaders and supporters from around the County for their politeness, hard work and their attitude to the Beavers (some of whom were a bit trying!).

At the end of the day, they took the course down and then came back to the HQ to hang up all of the wet equipment.

After a very long day, we all went home for a well-earned rest.

A huge thanks to Jack, Dean, Will, Tawz, Joseph, Conah, Thomas, Alex, Beth, Phoebe, Ella, Kyle, Morgan and Ainslee for being simply brilliant.

Yours in Scouting,


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