Is your Scout Leader paid enough?

12 June 2013

Or for that matter Leaders, Assistant Leaders and helpers for each section.

Have you thought about how much time they put into running the section?

Have you thought about what else may be involved, such as camps, visits, activities away from the Scout Centre?

Have you thought about the training they will need, the planning meetings, group and district meetings and time maintaining the scout centre and equipment?

I ask the question because of something said to me in all innocence by a parent during one of our meetings. “Until now, I thought you were paid. You have just said something that made me realise that you are not.”

We are not paid, so why do we do it? I can only speak for myself.

There are a number of reasons I do it, but the main ones are that I have learned new skills which I can pass on to my Scouts, and in doing so, give them the opportunity to try things they may not otherwise get the chance to do.

The fun I have had, the friends I have made.

Seeing the Scouts enjoy themselves, and seeing their brothers and sisters joining and moving through the sections. (I think we must be doing something right.)

So have you ever thought of helping?

After reading the above I would think your first thought would be “No way José. I’m far too busy, when would I have any time for myself, my family and friends?” You are right, if you do not manage your time you could find yourself too involved, but there are a number of ways you can help:-

1) Become an occasional helper or join a parents’ rota to help the section your child is in. An occasional helper might help at one or two events, maybe a camp or a visit. By joining the parents’ rota you may be asked to help on a section night two or three times a year depending on how many parents join.

2) You could join your Group Executive Committee. Meeting once a term, the Committee discusses the running, finance and administration of your Group. Yes, you may be asked to become the Chair, Treasurer or Secretary but you can always say “No thanks.” The Executive Committee like parents to join because as a parent you may see things differently and your ideas really can make a difference.

3) How about organising a fund raising activity? OK this is a bit more of a commitment and may take a bit more of your time, but Groups could always do with more money. Not enough time to organise an event? Could you come up with some good ideas for fundraising, or help out at an event?

4) If you have a skill, craft or hobby, why not offer to run a night or two showing us your stuff.

5) And the big one, you could BECOME AN ASSISTANT LEADER. Yes this is a big commitment but it is manageable. You would not be expected to attend ALL the different meetings, and you do not have to be at the section (Beavers, Cubs, Scouts or Explorer) meeting every week. Nor do you have to go on all camps or visits.

In a nutshell, you put in as much time as you are willing and able to.

Maybe the above question is wrong. Instead of asking “Are your leaders paid enough?” the question should be “What are your leaders worth?”

A bit of your time and support?

If you want to find out more about how to join us you can

send an email to

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or contact our District Commisioner on 0151 336 6983