Bear’s competition

22 March 2013

Bear’s competition

There were lots of entries for the competition to meet Bear Grylls when he comes to Cheshire.  The Beavers had to draw a picture of Bear Grylls and the cubs and scouts had to complete the sentence “I would like to meet Bear Grylls because“.

It was very difficult to find winners. However the winners are :-

Beavers Frankie Williams 1st Willaston and Zach Iddon from Dee.

Cubs Alfie Smith 1st Burton and Thomas Rimmer 8th EP.

Scouts Robyn Letman 1st Sutton and Oliver Moore 1st Willaston.

The explorers chosen were Bronwen Brown and Matthew Taylor from Allegro. They enjoyed a pizza and a photograph session thanks to M&S on Tuesday evening.