1st Sutton’s Belfast weekend

12 March 2013
1st Sutton (Wirral) hosted a party of 30 Explorer Scouts from Belfast over the weekend of 8th to 10th March. The group have close links in Belfast and the trip came about by way of a cross community grant provided by both the Northern Ireland Asembley and the Police force of Northern Ireland.Within Northern Ireland there are 2 Associations, The UK Scouts which are mainly but not exclusively protestant and Scouting Ireland which covers the whole of Ireland and is mainly catholic. The Explorers came from both associations. During the weekend the explorers visited the pleasure beach at Blackpool on Saturday followed by a BBQ together with Explorers from Ellesmere Port and Neston. This was followed by a bowling competition between all explorers both from here and Ireland.Sunday was spent in Liverpool before returning to 1st Sutton Hq for tea.The explorers travelled back to Belfast on the overnight ferry from Birkenhead. Everyone had a great time and they wish to return soon , as well as come to Chamboree.
 Rob Smith